MCHE replacement coils for York chillers

Kaltra supplied replacement coils for large chiller installation in Florida, USA

Florida is a high-corrosivity region due to several factors, mainly due to marine atmosphere with high airborne salinity, and falls into the range provided for an ISO C3 category classification and even C4 for coastal areas. For C3 category environments, aluminum coils like microchannel heat exchangers without protective coating are unsuitable but are often used because of their low cost compared to coils with electrophoretic epoxy-coated ones. Traditional uncoated copper-aluminum coils demonstrate even worse corrosion resistance in C3/C4 regions.

E-coating and UV-resistant topcoat significantly increase service life of heat exchangers: latest tests on Kaltra heat exchangers (as per ASTM G85 – SWAAT) showed 1850 hours without performance degradation/leakages for uncoated MCHE with HA9153A alloy tubes, while the same MCHE with applied e-coating performed without issues for 4000 hours (test was stopped at this milestone).

As a replacement for original coils that exhibit multiple leakages and performance degradation after about 4 years of service, Kaltra offered the most corrosion-protected microchannel condensers made from high-manganese HA9153A aluminum alloy with e-coating and UV protection. Condenser coils were replaced on 16 York YVAA series chillers, 256 coils in total. The standard warranty provided was 5 years.

Installation works, refrigerant recharging and commissioning were completed by Kaltra’s regional partner, who will also perform routine maintenance.

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