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    High-quality alternative for air-cooled refrigeration equipment

    Microchannel heat exchanger


Kaltra manufactures microchannel condenser coil replacements for a wide range of air-cooled chillers and condensers of different brands, including York, Carrier, and Trane. These coils are designed as a direct replacement for original manufacture’s heat exchangers, either microchannel type or finned tube type, and offer high quality, substantially longer operating life, and perfect oil management.

Replacement coils outperform original heat exchangers also in terms of heat transfer rates, thereby ensuring higher efficiency of the system and allowing savings on energy. Lower air pressure resistance also guarantees savings on fan power.

Full compatibility with the original heat exchangers assures an easy, trouble-free replacement procedure.

For cases of minor leakages, appropriate repair kits for microchannel heat exchangers are available for on-site servicing.


  • Full compatibility, exact matching with original coils
  • Long service life and extended warranty: 5 years for e-coated coils; 2 years for uncoated coils
  • Protective coatings (e-coating or TCP-coating)
  • Improved heat transfer performance
  • Short lead times/stock availability
  • Optional casings and mountings
  • 100% factory tested, CE-marked, UL-listed
  • Detailed installation guidelines

A full nomenclature of condenser coils for various chiller brands and models, with or without anti-corrosion treatments (e-coating), are available from stock.

Based on the model name or serial number of the chiller or leaked/damaged coil, you can easily select and order a replacement:

  • York YVAA and York YLAA series microchannel condenser coils
  • Trane RTAF and Trane CGAF series microchannel condenser coils
  • Carrier 30RB, Carrier 30XA and Carrier 30XV microchannel condenser coils


Protective coatings significantly improve the corrosion resistance of microchannel heat exchangers and are recommended for installations in coastal and high-polluted zones, industrial and urban. Coatings also recommended for replacement coils where original coils displayed signs of oil spots, leaks, or traces of corrosion.


Optionally, replacement coils can be made with modifications as per customer requirements, targeted to better heat exchanger efficiency and flexibility. Additional mountings, connections are available by request. Replacements for finned tube heat exchangers may include coil casings for matching dimensions of the original coil.

MCHE replacement coils for York chillers

Kaltra supplied replacement coils for large chiller installation in Florida, USA

With careful material selection, thorough production technology compliance and proper anti-corrosion treatments, microchannel coils by Kaltra guarantee long lifespan - even in high-corrosivity areas.
Replacement coil

Reduced prices for replacement coils for seasonal peak

For a limited time of cooling season startup, Kaltra offers microchannel condenser replacements for York, Trane, and Carrier chillers for reduced prices.
Replacement coil

A quick guide to OEM replacement coils

OEM replacement coils: be your chiller made by York, Trane, Carrier, or another manufacturer, Kaltra offers high-quality, time-proven condenser replacements for long service life.
Chiller with microchannel condenser coils

Microchannel condenser coil replacement project

Kaltra completed a service project for the replacement of condenser coils at a 6.5MW chilled water production plant.
Microchannel coil

Charging microchannel coils

Recommendations on the correct charging procedure of HVAC systems equipped with microchannel coils - based on the subcooling control.
Microchannel heat exchanger

Kaltra offers coil replacements for condensers and water applications

Kaltra offers heat exchanger replacements for end-customers and OEMs: microchannel coils featuring high performance and long service life.
Microchannel heat exchanger

Microchannel coil: fix or replace

Microchannel coils are constructed to reduce size, use less refrigerant, be more durable, transfer heat better and eliminate formicary corrosion.