Air-cooled chiller

Free cooling modules to integrate with air-cooled chillers

With the start of the free cooling season, Kaltra has announced the availability of scalable free cooling modules that can be paired with its air-cooled chillers, including the Lightstream Screw II models with inverter-driven and fixed-speed screw compressors and Lightstream Scroll II series chillers.

With varying the size of the free cooling module, the system can be built as required for the specific intended application and incremented in the capacity with the expansion of the cooling needs of the owner.

Based on Bora XL series dry coolers, free cooling modules can be easily coupled to existing installations with minimum changes to plant pipework. The system comes with a software enabler for free cooling operation for hybrid and free cooling only modes.

The system features electronically commutated (EC) fans and can be completed with flow regulation devices and anti-corrosion coatings for cooling coils.

Compared to traditional designs where condenser and cooling coils are stacked, our free cooling modules offer scalability and simplified maintenance.

In hybrid (mechanical+free cooling) and free cooling only operation modes, the system outperforms integrated solutions by 20% or more in energy efficiency, also benefitting in lower operational noise.

Free cooling modules are available in duty range from 180 to 1800kW at 0°C ambient and 18/13°C supply/return water temperatures for glycol concentration of 30%. At 5°C ambient, cooling capacity varies from 120 to 1200kW.

Headquartered in Germany and Austria, Kaltra designs, develops, and manufactures air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and systems. The company offers air-cooled, water-cooled, and free cooling chillersprecision air conditionersIT cooling systems, including room-, rack- and row-based solutions, and energy management solutions. It also designs and manufactures air-cooled condensersdry coolers, and cooling units for special applications. Additionally, Kaltra offers microchannel heat exchangers for condenser, evaporator, and water cooling and heating applications, as well as aluminium coils for small cooling applications. All Kaltra products are engineered with the clear objective of improving energy efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership.

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