Twin-slab microchannel condenser

Twin-slab condenser coils bring efficiency advantages

Kaltra has launched new twin-slab microchannel condenser coils that maximize performance and efficiency in air-to-refrigerant applications. Previously employed and evaluated in Kaltra air-cooled chillers, this solution achieved superior performance results and is now available for end customers and OEMs.

New condenser is specifically dimensioned for use in air-cooled chillers and includes an outer, thin-core subcooler coil and an inner condensing coil brazed integrally, with tube interconnections. Twin-slab condensers are available in single- and two-pass configurations and working pressures of 32 and 45 bar, depending on application requirements. Both versions feature same-side refrigerant connections and a coated steel frame with necessary sealings.

Owing to a higher degree of subcooling, twin-slab condensers deliver up to 25% more heat rejection compared to a traditional solution with the same fan airflow, at the same time improving system COP.

Suitable for HFC, natural, and low-GWP HFO refrigerants, twin-slab condensers are exceptionally efficient for refrigerants with the small latent heat of vaporization.

Twin-slab microchannel condensers offer several tangible benefits:

  • Increase in condenser capacity
  • Improve compressor efficiency (COP)
  • Lower fan noise power without reduction in capacity
  • Reduce initial system cost

To best meet the needs of different installations, condenser size can be customized, while multi-port microchannel tubes can be selected to meet capacity requirements.

Twin-slab coils can be ordered uncoated or with the electrophoretic coating (e-coating) with a UV-protecting topcoat.

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