Microchannel Condensers


    Aluminium microchannel condensers with advanced design, superior performance, and excellent corrosion resistance

    Microchannel heat exchanger


Our range of microchannel condensers comprises models with horizontally- or vertically-oriented multiport tubes, in single or multiple pass design, suitable for use with various refrigerants. In addition to a wide span of dimensions, the customer may choose from various combinations of multiport tubes, fin types and fin pitches, connections, mountings, and protective coatings.

The patented innovation of microchannel condensers incorporates vertical microchannel tubes to enhance condenser operation, avoid oil return issues, and ensure predictable coil performance. Unlike microchannel coils with horizontal tubes, the lower header serves as a mini-receiver to reduce critical refrigerant charge issues and provide easier system charging. An integral baffle assures proper coil operation and liquid refrigerant return.

Compared to finned tube condenser designs, our microchannel condensers are a robust design with major technical benefits. With proven field experience, we offer many competitive advantages for OEM equipment and new applications.

Equipment designs incorporating advanced microchannel condensers span a wide range of systems designs, including air-cooled chillers, heat pumps, condensers, and rooftop systems.


Microchannel condensers have a number of advantages over traditional finned tube designs that significantly improve HVAC systems’ performance:

  • Up to 40% higher heat transfer efficiency
  • Lower airside pressure drops
  • Closer approach temperatures
  • Up to 20% smaller coil face area
  • Less weight – up to 50%
  • Less refrigerant charge: typically 40% to 60%

High Corrosion Resistance

Our heat exchangers – made from new, long-life aluminium alloys – demonstrate excellent corrosion resistance, even in highly salted marine atmospheres or chemically-polluted areas.

High corrosion resistance proved by numerous SWAAT ASTM G-85 Annex A3 tests where specimens have been exposed to a continuous spray of acidified water solutions under high humidity and temperature for more than 3000 hours.

Protective coatings we offer, such as electrophoretic painting or trivalent chrome process treatment, further strengthen the resistance to corrosion and guarantee times longer operating life of the heat exchangers.

Optimized Part-Load Operation

In microchannel condensers with vertical tube arrangement, the lower manifold acts as a receiver and accumulates and holds liquid refrigerant. The lower manifold has an internal outlet baffle to allow only liquid refrigerant to leave the heat exchanger and to hold back refrigerant gas. Accordingly, an excess refrigerant charge is allowed to back-up into the lower manifold, and help optimize the system charge.

The most important, built-in refrigerant receiver acts to optimize the part-load operation, which is crucial to engineering the modern refrigeration and cooling equipment.

Precise Engineering

In the design of a microchannel heat exchanger, every detail plays its role, contributing to its overall efficiency. An example of this is the geometry of louvered fins: a precise selection of pitch, inclination angle, and arrangement of fin louvers lead to the optimum balance between airflow resistance and heat transfer rates in our heat exchangers.

Based on the performance and other customer requirements, we perform a thorough analysis to identify the most suitable combination of heat exchanger elements and materials. Having at disposal an extensive nomenclature of components, raw materials, advanced production machinery and brazing furnaces, we manufacture state-of-the-art heat exchangers and help customers improve the efficiency and performance of their end equipment.

Selection software


MCHE selection software includes condenser, evaporator, heat pump, and water coils, making it a complete selection and calculation tool for refrigeration professionals.

The software provides selections and ratings for microchannel heat exchangers which enables the user to select the best-suited product based on several deciding parameters such as heat exchanger application, cooling capacity, refrigerant, evaporation and condensation temperatures, airflow and air temperature and other critical variables in refrigeration systems.


Max width [mm]

50 … 6000

Max height [mm]

50 … 2000

Tube width [mm]


Manifold diameter [mm]


Fin types


Fin pitches [FPI]

10/16/18/19/21/23/24/BY REQUEST

Design pressure [bar]




Protective coatings


Twin-slab microchannel condenser

Twin-slab condenser coils bring efficiency advantages

Twin-slab microchannel condensers with thin-core subcooler offer tangible benefits for OEMs manufacturing air-cooled chillers and other air-to-refrigerant systems.
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Chiller with microchannel condenser coils

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Microchannel condenser bank

Air-cooled condenser assemblies for end-customers and OEMs

Designed for low-GWP refrigerants, last-generation, low-volume Kaltra's condensers based on microchannel technology display higher heat transfer rates and superior corrosion protection.
E-coated microchannel coil

Heat exchanger protection with electrocoating

Electrocoating offers extremely high corrosion resistance for all-aluminum microchannel heat exchangers, making them the most suitable solution for use in extra-corrosive environments.
Serpentine coil

Serpentine coils for compact cooling systems

Microchannel serpentine coils for condenser and evaporator use: low-charge, compatible with HFC/HFO and natural refrigerants, suitable for any applications
Microchannel heat exchanger

Microchannel heat exchangers as an advanced alternative to traditional HVAC coils

Advantages and benefits of new-generation microchannel heat exchangers for HVAC applications in comparison to traditional finned tube heat exchangers.
Microchannel coil

Corrosion protection for microchannel heat exchangers

Corrosion resistance of the microchannel heat exchangers in highly polluted environments; protective coatings and special treatments.