Microchannel coil

Microchannel heat exchangers: advantages and benefits

All-aluminium microchannel heat exchanging products are now being widely used in the HVAC industry: they provide higher performance, smaller size, features and capabilities not found in traditional fin/tube heat exchangers.

Microchannel technology offers improved performance by increasing air-side heat transfer between the fins and the ambient air, heat conduction between the fins and tubes and refrigerant-side heat transfer between the tubes and the refrigerant.

Briefly summarized, microchannel heat exchanging technology offer the following improvements over traditional fin/tube designs:

Higher efficiency and performance:

  • 20% to 40% greater overall heat transfer performance
  • Drastic reduction in airside pressure drops

Smaller size and less weight:

  • 10% to 30% smaller coil face upon design conditions
  • Thin profile takes up less space
  • Up to 60% less weight

Reduced costs:

  • Less refrigerant charge
  • Reduced material cost

Proven reliability:

  • Time-tested manufacturing processes and materials
  • Higher corrosion resistance
  • More robust construction