Startup and Commissioning


    Startup and commissioning services and the accompanying troubleshooting and problem-solving activities

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Startup and commissioning are the final steps of a project execution process. It moves the project from the construction phase to the commercial operation status. Kaltra is uniquely poised to perform commissioning and start-up and the accompanying trouble-shooting and problem-solving activities, whether as part of a design/build project or as a final step in an ongoing project.

Modern cooling, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems are complex technological products incorporating various mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and control systems. Kaltra helps its customers to install, put into operation, and adjust the equipment to achieve the highest efficiency, operation safety, and reliability of their systems.

​Highly qualified Kaltra engineers will provide customers with timely and complete service in the field of installation supervision of the equipment supplied. Regardless of the size, cost, and complexity of the solution, our advice and guidance will be competent and reasonable. Years of experience allows us to guide installation works in the most efficient way, taking into account customer requirements and on-site conditions.

Startup and commissioning

​The commissioning of the equipment and integrated systems is carried out in full compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, design project data, and in line with applicable regulations and norms. Kaltra engineers of the highest qualifications and extensive experience take part in this service or support local partners. During the commissioning, our customers can take the possibility to train their personnel to carry out routine maintenance and necessary equipment checks.

Commissioning and adjustment service for the equipment are accompanied by providing necessary diagnostics and test procedures. In accordance with performed works, the customer receives respective protocols and certificates that justify completeness of system, its functionality, correct and efficient operation.

For remote and international locations, there is a wide network of representatives, partners, and distributors that can provide local customers with well-trained specialists, necessary tools and facilities, and approved competence for the above services.