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    Maintenance service


Regular maintenance is imperative when it comes to keeping air conditioning or cooling system reliable and at peak performance and efficiency. The mission-critical nature of many cooling applications dictates the absolute and uncompromising need for proper maintenance in order to avoid downtime or unreliable operation – which can result in a major loss of process safety or environmental control.


Planned maintenance not only assists in preventing unit breakdowns in business-critical environments and improve system resilience but also helps to improve energy efficiency and optimize for improved and trouble-free performance.

Kaltra’s comprehensive maintenance program helps to diagnose and remedy any issues before system failure can occur. Customers can choose from the following standard maintenance packages, or tailor a package to suit individual needs:

  • Support engineers: 24/7 calls
  • Scheduled inspection/maintenance visits (one visit per quarter)
  • All travel expenses included
  • 20% discount on all spare parts
  • 25% discount on all consumables

Planned service by Kaltra ensures a fixed price for all required maintenance jobs without unexpected cost escalations and exactly when your cooling system needs servicing most. For total peace of mind, we offer a contingency plan package that encompasses an initial cooling system survey with gathering detailed and specific technical information, perform system analysis, and generate emergency instructions based on collected and analyzed data.


The cost of mission-critical facility failure is huge and constantly increasing. The standard practice for most cooling facilities provides real-time management and monitoring of critical process equipment, but low tiered equipment is deemed too difficult to monitor. However, these uncontrolled equipment assets may cause a serious cooling process disturbances and loss of efficiency. The best method of equipment failure prevention is to institute a preventive maintenance programme.

​Kaltra offers an aftersales maintenance programme that includes remote site monitoring and management, and optimization performed by its support team. The primary objective of preventive maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of the failure of equipment.

Preventive maintenance relies on the actual condition of the equipment and systems and allows

  • Preventing failures and process disturbances
  • Managing environmental and safety issues
  • Keeping facility efficient
  • Reducing operating costs

For all customers of Kaltra maintenance programmes, ongoing operating data and system alarms are available online. Please use credentials associated with your service contract to login and have access to operating data for your system.