We offer on-time delivery service for your Kaltra equipment or spare parts

    Delivery service


Kaltra offers to its customers a variety of reliable services associated with the shipment and delivery of complete equipment, assemblies, components, and spare parts. From convenient maintenance and loading of carriers at company’s warehouses and to precise organization of complex multimodal transportation of equipment to our customers’ facilities anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time and with the highest level of reliability.


Kaltra’s shipping and delivery coordinators work continuously and successfully to ensure that our customers receive all the ordered items in full and on time.

​Kaltra’s customers have a large selection of various options related to shipping and delivery. It can be carriers chartered by our customers that to be timely loaded at the company’s warehouses. At the same time, Kaltra experts are always ready to calculate and offer the most profitable, fast and reliable ways to deliver orders to places designated by our customers. The volume and cost of goods can be very different: from small batches of replaceable air filters to the most complex multi-ton chiller plants.

Kaltra makes every effort to reduce the delivery time for its products. For regular customers and OEM projects, we offer special conditions for the maintenance of warehouse stocks in order to provide company clients with the equipment upon request.

You can get more information about our services and order necessary options for shipping and delivery from Kaltra Delivery Team:


Phone: +49 911 715 320 21

Phone hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8AM-7:30PM UTC/GMT +2hrs

Friday: 8AM-4:30PM UTC/GMT +2hrs

Delivery is available directly from the factory locations, as well as from Kaltra logistic hubs located in Nuremberg (Germany), Augsburg (Germany), and Salzburg (Austria).


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