Twin-slab microchannel condenser

Twin-slab condenser coils bring efficiency advantages

Kaltra has launched new twin-slab microchannel condenser coils that maximize performance and efficiency in air-to-refrigerant applications. Previously employed and evaluated in Kaltra air-cooled chillers, this solution achieved superior performance results and is now available for end customers and OEMs.

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Reefer containers

Microchannel coils for trailer and reefer container applications

Recently, Kaltra developed special series of microchannel condenser coils tailored for the most challenging refrigeration applications in reliability – refrigerated containers and trailers.

Aluminum alloys, surface treatments and thickness of tube walls of these coils have all been specially sourced for application to contribute to system reliability and extended lifespan.

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Replacement coil

A quick guide to OEM replacement coils


Microchannel coils have become a mainstay in the HVAC industry for most air-cooled chillers and other air conditioning equipment. Aluminum microchannel heat exchangers (often abbreviated as MCHE or MCHX) offer a line of advantages for both manufacturers and end-users:

  • Reduced refrigerant footprint: internal volume of a microchannel condenser is about up to 60% smaller compared to a finned pack coil with copper tubes of the same capacity.
  • High corrosion resistance contributes to longer coil service life.
  • Lower required fan power draw as air pressure resistance of MCHE coils is low.
  • As a cheaper material, aluminum help keep condenser costs down.
  • Low weight.

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Chiller with microchannel condenser coils

Microchannel condenser coil replacement project

This month, Kaltra announced the completion of a service project for the replacement of condenser coils for the chilled water production plant of a Tier-III data center in Munich, Germany. More than 120 original heat exchangers reaching the end of service life have been replaced with Kaltra coils providing a long lifespan and additional corrosion protection.

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Microchannel condenser bank

Air-cooled condenser assemblies for end-customers and OEMs

Based on recently introduced low-charge microchannel condensers, Kaltra offers high-performance V-shaped condensing coil assemblies intended for use in air-cooled chillers and stand-alone condensers.

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E-coated microchannel coil

Heat exchanger protection with electrocoating

Corrosion, the deterioration of metals and alloys through a physical and/or chemical reaction with the environment, is expensive. Heat exchangers used in HVAC equipment, specifically condenser and cooling/heating coils are exposed in the environment, and this can lead to corrosion, failures, and performance degradation of the equipment in the cases of improper heat exchanger protection in corrosive locations.

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Serpentine coil

Serpentine coils for compact cooling systems

Compact heat exchangers, especially those of serpentine design, are widely used for cooling in many industries, products and systems, from consumer products to IT cooling to military applications. In recent times, with the advances in microfluidics and progress in manufacturing, compact microchannel heat exchangers are becoming widespread. The principal idea behind using microchannel heat exchangers is their potential for enhanced heat transfer capabilities. The use of such heat exchangers enables the transfer of large amounts of heat while benefiting from high heat transfer coefficients.

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Microchannel heat exchanger

Microchannel heat exchangers as an advanced alternative to traditional HVAC coils


For over three decades now, air-to-refrigerant microchannel heat exchangers have been successfully used in a number of industries, including automotive and chemical processing. More than a decade ago, microchannel heat exchangers were introduced in the HVAC industry; but it must be noted that requirements concerning heat exchangers and their operating conditions in refrigeration and air conditioning systems are different from those applicable in the automotive and other industries. Because of this, the first adaptations of microchannel heat exchangers to HVAC applications, principally as condensers, were not entirely successful.

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Microchannel coil

Corrosion protection for microchannel heat exchangers

Corrosion is the deterioration of metals arising from the chemical reactions between a metal and the surrounding environment. In HVAC equipment, such as air-cooled chillerscondensers, and dry coolers, corrosion of the heat exchangers may lead to performance and efficiency losses, as well as to equipment failures.

In order to avoid unwanted corrosion, microchannel heat exchangers and chilled water system, in general, must be properly protected based on environmental conditions.

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