Water-cooled chiller

Kaltra debuts water-cooled Easystream Evo chillers/heat pumps on R454b

Designed to meet ambitious efficiency targets and equipped with rotary scroll compressors incorporating intermediate discharge valve (IDV) technology, Easystream Evo is the first series of Kaltra’s 4th generation chillers/reversible heat pumps. It offers cooling capacities from 50kW up to 250kW and up to 20% higher energy efficiency ratios (EER) in the standard version and up to 33% higher EER in its flagship version than the previous range. Even higher efficiencies can be reached in part-load operations.

The Easystream Evo has a unique safety feature designed for indoor units that operate with A2L refrigerants, which are mildly flammable. The safety feature includes a refrigerant leak detector, a molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) that protects high-current circuits from electrical overloads, overheating, and short circuits, and safety valves that are included as standard equipment.

The operating range widened to -10°C up to 25°C for the supply water with evaporator temperature delta of 12°C and condenser leaving water temperature up to 60°C.

Both the chiller and heat pump versions can come equipped with heat recovery desuperheaters.

Easystream Evo can be customized with numerous optionals: electrical, noise-reducing, communicative, and more. The range is suitable for constant or variable primary flow systems.

The range will be available for customers in Europe in November 2023. Starting from January 2024, Easystream Evo will be available worldwide.

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