Precision air conditioner

Modernized Delta DX/DXi II range to be presented in February

The portfolio of most demanded direct expansion precision air conditioners is to be modernized in February 2023 and receive the latest generation scroll compressors with inverter drives (ranging in cooling capacity 30-140kW) and fixed-speed (35-135kW), new, compact enclosures, high-speed PLC controllers, and finned-pack or microchannel evaporators (for single-circuit units with capacity up to 75kW).

Like the preceding Delta range, new precision cooling units are available in downflow (with bottom or frontal air discharge) and upflow (with bottom or frontal air suction) configurations, both with a wide selection of plenums and dampers. In combination with compact indoor unit footprints, long allowable distances (up to 100m) between an indoor air conditioner and remote condenser, and numerous options, the Delta DX/DXi II range offers the highest installation flexibility.

As standard, new units are equipped with high-precision EEVs, radial EC fans, high-speed controllers with touchscreen displays, and Modbus connectivity. Optional components and accessories include electrical heaters, steam humidifiers of various capacities, a set of temperature and humidity sensors, smoke and fire detectors, remote unit control via WiFi, dual power supply, various air filters, plenums, dampers, support frames, and more.

Noise levels were significantly reduced for new air conditioners. Compared to the previous generation, sound pressures contracted by more than 25 percent on average: quiet compressors, improved fan impeller geometry, and advanced soundproofing contributed to this.

A new, sophisticated internal layout makes all system components easily accessible for maintenance.

By request, low-temperature kits allow the system to run under extremely cold conditions with ambient air of as low as -40°C.

In the first stage, Delta DX/DXi II will be available in three frame sizes, a total of 10 models with on/off scroll compressors and 14 models with inverter scroll compressors. For the USA market and other regions with 60Hz utility frequency, we made available all models with inverter compressors.

Delta DX/DXi II can be paired with CxM or CxF remote air-cooled condensers, with finned-tube or microchannel condenser coils, respectively.

Future expansion of the range will include dual-cool models with additional fluid coils for chilled water or free cooling applications.

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