Air-cooled screw chiller

Yet another air-cooled chiller of Kaltra’s flagship lineup delivered to Scotland

Last week Kaltra handed over a low-GWP chiller from its most innovative, ErP 2021 compliant Lightstream Screw II lineup to the client in the UK.

Equipped with the latest Bitzer screw compressor technology with stepless capacity regulation and advanced oil management, configured for high process water temperature delta, and running on HFO-1234ze refrigerant with near-zero environmental impact, this 800kW-air-cooled chiller offers excellent seasonal efficiency (SEPR HT value of 6.03) and EER of as high as 4.11 at full load.

Twin-slab condenser technology enables optimized part-load performance contributing to remarkable energy savings, and reduces chiller size and, consequentially, its cost.

Variable fan speed regulation enables precise condensation control, while airstream distribution system improves chiller efficiency under low-ambient conditions.

A proprietary dry-expansion evaporator in the single-pass arrangement features inner-grooved tubes and is fitted with baffles on the shell side to increase flow turbulence and overall heat transfer rates. Besides reduction in refrigerant charge, evaporator design allows easy maintenance and cleaning.

Chiller operation can be controlled directly using an inbuilt touch-screen display or remotely by smartphone, tablet, or laptop using a wi-fi connection. In-deep chiller diagnostics is also available directly or remotely.

In addition to a feature-rich basic config, the supplied chiller includes frost protection features, high-grade, dual-layer insulation for all sensible components, and electrical heaters to function reliably in the cold seasons.

Like every Kaltra chiller, Lightstream Screw II is a pre-configured, plug-and-work solution that minimizes start-up time and related costs.

Lightstream Screw II chillers were rolled out in Q2 2021 and quickly became the best-selling chiller lineup at Kaltra.

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