Lightstream Screw II air-cooled chiller

Kaltra brings high water temperature chillers for data center applications

Kaltra has implemented specific optimization for its latest-generation water chillers based on scroll (Lightstream Scroll II) and screw (Lightstream Screw II) compressors with the objective of adaptation to high water temperatures and increased energy efficiency over the course of the year. Both air-cooled and free cooling configurations of Lightstream Scroll II and Lightstream Screw II now operate with return water temperatures of up to 31°C and follow cutting-edge data centers trends.

Additional features added to HT (high-temperature) versions include:

  • Extended software functionality, BMS connectivity, remote chiller setup and control via WiFi.
  • Fast restart for compressors, reducing the time needed to reach the full capacity after shutdown.
  • Batteryless UPS for the controller and other vital instrumentation, eliminating the need to reboot the controller in case of power loss.
  • ATS (automatic transfer switch), allowing to connect chiller to two power sources, with automatic power supply cut-off detection.

The cooling capacity of Lightstream Scroll II HT lies in a range from 250 to 1100kW on R410a, R452b, and R454b, and of Lightstream Screw II HT – from 250 to 1850kW on R134a and R513a. On low-GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze, the range of screw chillers offers cooling duties of up to 1550kW.

All HT models can operate under ambient conditions of 50°C, and up to 54°C with option DLCC (double-layer condenser coils, not compatible with free cooling configurations).

Electrical panels of HT chillers can be fitted with cooling and heating appliances to ensure stable work under low and high outdoor temperatures.

Headquartered in Germany and Austria, Kaltra designs, develops, and manufactures air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and systems. The company offers air-cooled, water-cooled, and free cooling chillersprecision air conditionersIT cooling systems, including room-, rack- and row-based solutions, and energy management solutions. It also designs and manufactures air-cooled condensersdry coolers, and cooling units for special applications. Additionally, Kaltra offers microchannel heat exchangers for condenser, evaporator, and water cooling and heating applications, as well as aluminium coils for small cooling applications. All Kaltra products are engineered with the clear objective of improving energy efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership.

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