Precision air conditioner

Novel design provides more cooling, higher availability for Lambda precision cooling system

Kaltra has announced the forthcoming launch of Lambda DX/DXU II precision air conditioners with updated microchannel evaporators. Due to be launched in March 2022, the new Lambda will be available in downflow configurations, with integrated or underfloor fan compartments.

Built on the design approach used in the current range, Lambda DX/DXU II offers improved efficiency driven by all-new segmented microchannel evaporator coils and the latest radial fan technology.

With two fully independent refrigeration circuits, the new Lambda DX/DXU II provides high reliability for mission-critical applications and 35% more cooling than its previous generation.

In fact, Lambda DX/DXU II system is a 2-in-1 air conditioner where two independent refrigeration systems share common controls and a case. Beyond reliability, this allows customers for on-the-fly maintenance without system shutdown.

Sixteen basic models will be offered in total. The range offers a cooling capacity of 20 to 115kW for units with integrated fans and 25 to 130kW for units with separate underfloor fan compartments (gross capacity for 24°C/45%rH inlet air). The control system is set for operation with an inlet air temperature range of 25°C to 45°C.

The system is targeted for serving thermal-sensitive applications such as clean rooms, metrology, measuring and other laboratories, precise manufacturing, medicine, museums, data center-grade cooling, and other areas with a concentrated heat load.

Lambda cooling units can run on refrigerant R410a and later on lower GWP refrigerants in Q4 2022-Q1 2023 – after the European Commission’s scheduled revision of EN 378 in 2022.

In sum, Lambda DX/DXU II offers a large set of advantages if compared to preceding precision air conditioning systems:

  • Offers high availability for critically temperature-controlled environments
  • Delivers improved cooling efficiency
  • Requires less refrigerant charge
  • Allows maintenance without service interruption
  • Provides maximum versatility in installations

Optionals comprise multi-stage steam-based humidification, electrical heaters, service ancillaries for refrigeration circuits, while EEVs, EC-motor fans, and networking and BMS connectivity are fitted as standard. Filtration options include standard filters ISO-C60% or higher grade ISO-C75%. Fast start-up and improved diagnostic capabilities are other features included as standard.

Lambda DX/DXU II is compatible with both CxM condensers configurable for vertical and horizontal airflows and high-performance LCC series of air-cooled condensers. The latter provides lower condensation temperatures, adding to energy savings. An expanded operating envelope of LCC condensers allows ambient temperatures of -35°C (with low-ambient kit ordered) to +55°C.

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