Serpentine condenser

Serpentine condensers gain retail cooling market

Retail chains in many countries are reviewing their carbon footprint and are focusing on refrigeration systems, particularly on choosing non-HFC, environment-friendly gases. While transiting to lower GWP refrigerants, among which flammable and mildly flammable gases like propane and HFOs, refrigerant quantity and, correspondingly, gas circuit volumes become essential factors in systems’ design.

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Controlled-atmosphere brazing furnace

Two more CAB furnaces for MCHE brazing are to be installed in Q1 2023

Continuously rising demand for microchannel heat exchangers compels Kaltra to expand manufacturing by installing two additional controlled-atmosphere brazing (CAB) furnaces with the overall potential to double heat exchanger production.

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Altmunster office

Relocation of Kaltra Altmünster office

With business growth in South Germany, Austria and neighboring areas, Kaltra relocated its office in Altmünster to a new, spacious location to meet this expansion and extend the resources offered to customers.

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Air-cooled screw chiller

Kaltra supplies high-efficient chillers for Sloterdijk, a business district in Amsterdam

Kaltra is finalizing manufacturing for air-cooled chillers with high-efficiency packages ordered by its customer in the Netherlands, intended to service a business center in Sloterdijk, Amsterdam municipality.

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Dry cooler

Kaltra begins production of dry coolers with stainless steel heat exchangers

In Q3 2022, Kaltra extended its range of flatbed Mistral-F dry coolers by introducing models equipped with new finned-pack heat exchangers with stainless steel tubes and aluminum fins.

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Air-cooled chiller

Kaltra introduced inverter chillers on refrigerant R32

The lineup of scroll chillers, Ultracompact II, was added by models equipped with inverter-driven compressors running on refrigerant R32, covering capacities from 50 to 150 kilowatts. New R32 chillers fully comply with current Ecodesign regulations, performing with SERP HT values of up to 6.30.

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E-coated microchannel heat exchanger

What is and how works e-coating?

What Is E-coating?

E-coating (electrocoating, electrophoretic deposition) is an immersion wet paint finishing process using electrical current to attract the paint particles suspended in a bath to the metal surface, in the context of microchannel heat exchangers – to aluminum.

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Freecooling chillers

R454b is now an option for Lightstream Scroll II chillers with freecooling

Strengthening the competitiveness of its range of freecooling chillers, Kaltra has introduced in the market the new Lightstream Scroll II with refrigerant R454b. These chillers are the latest in an array of innovative products to help users stay one step ahead of rising energy costs and increasingly stringent environmental legislation.

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Hydrophilic-treated MCHE

Hydrophilic topcoat for microchannel heat exchangers

Condensation management is essential to ensuring the efficient function of heat exchangers and critical for the correct operation of evaporators.

Hydrophilic topcoats, surfaces tending not to adsorb water or be wetted by water, are effective in environments of excessive condensation, as they enable water to flow easily off the heat exchanger surface by virtue of lowered surface tension, thereby enhancing heat transfer performance in wet and frost conditions. At the same time, hydrophilic coatings protect heat exchangers from the corrosive effect of water and exhibit fine performance in providing protection in salty environments.

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Sales report

Kaltra pleased with its performance in FY22 Q2

Kaltra, the leading provider of HVAC equipment and microchannel heat exchangers, today reported financial results for the second quarter of 2022 and increased its year-earnings outlook.

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Air-cooled screw chiller

Yet another air-cooled chiller of Kaltra’s flagship lineup delivered to Scotland

Last week Kaltra handed over a low-GWP chiller from its most innovative, ErP 2021 compliant Lightstream Screw II lineup to the client in the UK.

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Twin-slab microchannel condenser

Twin-slab condenser coils bring efficiency advantages

Kaltra has launched new twin-slab microchannel condenser coils that maximize performance and efficiency in air-to-refrigerant applications. Previously employed and evaluated in Kaltra air-cooled chillers, this solution achieved superior performance results and is now available for end customers and OEMs.

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Screw chiller

New screw chillers: 24/7 service under toughest operating conditions

Dangerously high summer temperatures, highlands above 1800 meters, sandstorms and year-round operations – are conditions under which the new cooling system that includes two Kaltra chillers should reliable function, supplying chilled water to the pharmaceutical plant and product storage area in Tehran.

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Twin-slab air-cooled condenser

Bora air-cooled condensers received enhanced heat exchangers

This week Kaltra is launching air-cooled refrigerant condensers of the Bora VS series equipped with new, twin-slab microchannel heat exchangers operating with a counterflow of refrigerant and air and arranged in 4-coil V-banks. This innovative solution was successfully adopted earlier in the second generation of Lightstream air-cooled chillers.

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Financial results Q1 2022

Kaltra has reported strong sales in Q1, with heat exchangers up over 20%

In Q1 2022, microchannel heat exchanger sales in North America increased at a good pace, mainly attributable to a new market strategy that included the implementation of effective sales processes, policies and procedures that have a direct bearing on the company’s sales. In Europe, sales figures grew 10% in January-March over the corresponding period of the previous quarter.

Overall, net sales for the Kaltra group were up 8%, with sales acceleration in March relative to their rate one year ago.

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Air-cooled chiller R290 propane

Propane-driven chillers to be added to Kaltra lineup

In Q3 2022, Kaltra’s portfolio of high-efficient air-cooled chillers will be extended with R290 (propane) models based on the Versa platform initially launched in 2019.

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Multiport tubes

Microchannel heat exchangers for refrigeration systems running on R32 and other flammable refrigerants

High global warming potential refrigerants for refrigeration systems are being phased out because they are one of the culprits of climate change, while, at the same time, nearly 50 alternative refrigerants are classified as environment-safe.

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Serpentine heat exchanger

Strong demand for compact microchannel coils triggered production capacity expansion at Kaltra

Due to the high and constantly growing market demand for compact microchannel coils, Kaltra expands its manufacturing capabilities of serpentine heat exchangers by installing new tube bending machines and assembly lines equipped with semi-automatic core builders, fin mills and fin inserting machines.

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Lightstream Screw II air-cooled chiller

Kaltra brings high water temperature chillers for data center applications

Kaltra has implemented specific optimization for its latest-generation water chillers based on scroll (Lightstream Scroll II) and screw (Lightstream Screw II) compressors with the objective of adaptation to high water temperatures and increased energy efficiency over the course of the year. Both air-cooled and free cooling configurations of Lightstream Scroll II and Lightstream Screw II now operate with return water temperatures of up to 31°C and follow cutting-edge data centers trends.

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Precision air conditioner

Kaltra presented its second generation of compact precision cooling units

Compact DX II, the second generation of Kaltra’s compact precision air conditioners, ensures unmatched peace of mind in the operation of precision cooling applications. As proven by numerous customers across the globe, this family of air conditioners delivers the lowest total ownership cost of any precision cooling system on the market. The revised version – Compact DX II – is set to further improve efficiency and reliability figures.

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Precision air conditioner

Novel design provides more cooling, higher availability for Lambda precision cooling system

Kaltra has announced the forthcoming launch of Lambda DX/DXU II precision air conditioners with updated microchannel evaporators. Due to be launched in March 2022, the new Lambda will be available in downflow configurations, with integrated or underfloor fan compartments.

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Microchannel evaporator coil

Dual-circuit microchannel evaporators to revamp performance of air-source heat pumps

In carrying forward work on microchannel evaporator designs, Kaltra presented its successive generation of coils intended for both indoor and outdoor use in air conditioners and air-source heat pumps. Thanks to the ingenuity of its dual-circuit arrangement, new evaporators offer maximum efficiency while at the same time dealing with challenges of operation in frosting conditions.

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Reefer containers

Microchannel coils for trailer and reefer container applications

Recently, Kaltra developed special series of microchannel condenser coils tailored for the most challenging refrigeration applications in reliability – refrigerated containers and trailers.

Aluminum alloys, surface treatments and thickness of tube walls of these coils have all been specially sourced for application to contribute to system reliability and extended lifespan.

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Water-cooled inverter chiller

Kaltra steps up with Powerstream II inverter chillers on R1234ze

The portfolio of Kaltra’s cooling equipment is now extended with Powerstream II water-cooled chillers driven by inverter screw compressors and running on R1234ze: a solution that is both environmentally safe and highly energy efficient. A lineup of 12 models covers nominal cooling duties from 400 to 1250kW.

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