Lightstream Screw II Inverter air-cooled chiller

Efficiency step up for variable speed chillers

Kaltra has officially launched the Lightstream Screw II Inverter chiller lineup, its next generation of air-cooled chillers, now compliant with Ecodesign Tier-2 requirements.

First announced in March, the new chiller range offers industry-leading seasonal energy efficiency and innovative control capabilities. The range employs inverter-powered screw compressor technology to continuously control cooling capacity and enhancing water temperature stability. Lightstream Screw II Inverter is 21% more efficient in seasonal energy efficiency on average compared to predecessor models and 3% more efficient at full load. New control algorithms recognize the conditions of the installed environment, supplying optimized cooling performance. Sustainability options include refrigerants R1234ze, R513a, and R450a with refrigerant leakage monitoring.

As was with the fixed-speed compressor version, Lightstream Screw II Inverter equipped with 4-coil microchannel condenser V-banks, shell-and-tube evaporators with optimized flow pattern or, optionally, with falling film evaporators allowing a significant reduction in refrigerant charge.

Standard and higher efficiency (with extra condensers) versions are available, along with low-noise configurations.

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