Air-cooled chiller

First installation of Lightstream Screw II low-GWP chiller lands in Latvia

In the last week of April, the first new-generation Lightstream Screw II chiller pre-ordered in end-January has been delivered to the customer in Riga, Latvia.

This latest Ecodesign Tier-2 compliant unit is powered by screw compressors and running on low-GWP refrigerant HFO-1234ze, to deliver 500kW cooling for a newly erected shopping mall. Capacity to footprint ratio was an important criterion at the design stage, and Lightstream Screw II, with its high-performance, 4-coil V-shaped microchannel condensers, was best tailored to meet space requirements. Screw compressors with stepless capacity control optimize efficiency, particularly at part-load conditions, which represents the majority of the time in Latvia. Seasonal efficiency (ESEER) of as high as 4.68 makes this solution cost-efficient. The chiller has low sound output and high resilience due to its dual refrigeration circuit.

In total, the Lightstream Screw II series comprises 18 base models (250 to 1850kW cooling), 4 refrigerants – R134a and lower GWP R450a, R513a and HFO-1234ze, and units in low-noise configuration.

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