Microchannel heat exchanger for ammonia

Microchannel heat exchangers for ammonia refrigeration

An excellent opportunity for the wide use of ammonia arose with the advance in microchannel heat exchanger technology, with its low refrigerant charge and high heat transfer coefficients for condensation.

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Core builder for microchannel heat exchangers

Kaltra further expands its manufacturing capacity

To address the growing number of orders for microchannel heat exchangers that come last quarters and in response to the increased sophistication and complexity of our customers’ requirements, Kaltra reinforces its manufacturing capabilities by investing in additional production machinery.

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Financial results Q3 2021

Kaltra’s business performance demonstrated resilience in Q3 2021

In the third quarter of 2021, Kaltra sales were up 12% versus Q2 on a reported basis. Q3 solid performance drives guidance upgrade to around 27% business growth in 2021.

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Screw compressor chiller

Improved efficiency for water-cooled liquid chillers

As the number of water-cooled systems is notably increasing in Europe while efficiency requirements become more stringent, Kaltra takes another step with producing water-cooled chillers based on the latest screw compressor technology from Bitzer – with new optimized motors and oil charge.

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Cooling plant

Kaltra has added heat recovery to the latest generation of its air-cooled chillers

Production of domestic hot water is now possible with Kaltra’s last-generation air-cooled chillers fitted with desuperheaters, including ranges with scroll and screw compressors. Optimized-flow heat exchanger installed in between compressors and condenser coils and acting as a desuperheater offer heating duty of up to 30% of chiller’s cooling capacity in hot water supply temperature range from 30°C to 60°C.

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Air-cooled chiller

Free cooling modules to integrate with air-cooled chillers

With the start of the free cooling season, Kaltra has announced the availability of scalable free cooling modules that can be paired with its air-cooled chillers, including the Lightstream Screw II models with inverter-driven and fixed-speed screw compressors and Lightstream Scroll II series chillers.

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Microchannel coil

Microchannel coils: your best choice for propane applications

Propane (R290) is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon used successfully in industrial refrigeration for many years received attention from designers, contractors, operators, and retailers to reduce greenhouse emissions. An indication of the increasing acceptance of propane is its adoption by many key customers from large supermarket and shopping mall chains to franchise food stores and minimarts at gas stations throughout the world. The latest trend in this market segment is adopting microchannel heat exchangers – condensers and evaporators.

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Financial results Q2 2021

Kaltra reports unexampled Q2 2021 results

According to the latest company data, extensive sales growth observed in preceding quarters continued in Q2 2021, totaling 23% year-on-year and by 11% quarter-on-quarter.

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Hydroworx hydronic module

Kaltra offers packaged hydronic modules for its air-cooled chillers

Hydroworx™ hydronic modules can be added to new-built chillers or easily integrated into existing installations. In either case, the Hydroworx™ cabinet couples directly with the chiller, forming a single skid.

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Precision cooling unit R32

Kaltra adds R32 version of Compact DX precision cooling units

Kaltra extended its Compact DX series of precision cooling units with models running on refrigerant R32. This new offering targeted telecom and IT environment cooling applications: where close temperature control and high sensible cooling are a must.

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Replacement coil

A quick guide to OEM replacement coils


Microchannel coils have become a mainstay in the HVAC industry for most air-cooled chillers and other air conditioning equipment. Aluminum microchannel heat exchangers (often abbreviated as MCHE or MCHX) offer a line of advantages for both manufacturers and end-users:

  • Reduced refrigerant footprint: internal volume of a microchannel condenser is about up to 60% smaller compared to a finned pack coil with copper tubes of the same capacity.
  • High corrosion resistance contributes to longer coil service life.
  • Lower required fan power draw as air pressure resistance of MCHE coils is low.
  • As a cheaper material, aluminum help keep condenser costs down.
  • Low weight.

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Industrial dry cooler

Biomass power plant cooling with dry coolers

In power plants, the largest water consumers are cooling systems, as a large amount of heat must be removed to condense the steam used to drive turbine generators. Historically, cooling was provided by water sources – rivers and lakes, but nowadays, more and more power plants use dry cooling systems that use little to no water. These systems have higher capital costs but use more than 95% less water than wet cooling systems.

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Microchannel evaporator

Optimized microchannel evaporator design boosts efficiency

The company’s research center completes work on the streamlined microchannel evaporator design that displays amplified performance under partial load conditions. Evaporator’s outlet manifold was subjected to optimization to achieve optimum refrigerant distribution between multiport tubes.

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Industrial dry cooler

Dry cooler selection: what do you need to know?


Dry coolers are heat rejection devices used to cool down process liquids such as water, glycols, oils by forced dissipation of heat energy to the atmosphere. In contrast to wet cooling towers, dry coolers are closed-circuit systems, involving no direct contact between air and process fluid.

Dry coolers can be used as stand-alone fluid coolers or as a part of an air conditioning or refrigeration system to cool fluids in intermediate heat exchangers, water chillers’ evaporators, and for many other purposes.

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Chiller sequence management

Kaltra introduces built-in sequence management for its 2nd generation chillers

Following numerous performance improvements and enhancing functionality implemented in the latest version of control software installed on second-generation chillers, Kaltra adds sequence management as an option available for air-cooled models equipped with scroll, screw, and Turbocor-based chillers, as well as for chiller versions with free cooling.

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Financial report Q1 2021

Kaltra delivers a strong finish to Q1 2021

Entering the first quarter, the company recorded double-digit growth rates across its biggest markets in Europe. This is the result of a great team effort by all of our employees. Despite the adverse economic climate, we still used the year to make Kaltra a better company.

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Industrial dry cooler

3.5MW cooling for backward-integrated xylitol factory

Awarded a contract for cooling equipment supply in 2020, Kaltra recently delivered dry coolers of the total capacity of 3500kW to its customer in Lahti, Finland, a world-known food processing company that constructs an innovative, oat hull-based xylitol production factory. The plant includes a bio-heating facility to produce bioenergy for the xylitol production, mill, and rye crisp production lines.

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Lightstream Screw II Inverter air-cooled chiller

Efficiency step up for variable speed chillers

Kaltra has officially launched the Lightstream Screw II Inverter chiller lineup, its next generation of air-cooled chillers, now compliant with Ecodesign Tier-2 requirements.

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Air-cooled chiller

First installation of Lightstream Screw II low-GWP chiller lands in Latvia

In the last week of April, the first new-generation Lightstream Screw II chiller pre-ordered in end-January has been delivered to the customer in Riga, Latvia.

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Compact precision air conditioner

Future-proof and compact: new precision cooling units

Following current trends in telecom and IT cooling, Kaltra has announced Compact CW – chilled water cooling units in an ultra-compact design with enclosure depth as small as 490mm. The range includes 5 enclosure sizes, from 585 to 1885mm, delivering cooling capacities from 5 to 65kW.

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Air-cooled scroll chillers

10% higher efficiency for Ultracompact II chiller family

Family of Ultracompact II chillers with air-cooled condensers received latest-generation scroll compressors and now offered with lower GWP refrigerants R32, R452b, and R454b. Combined with this, operation efficiency has been lifted by 6% for chillers running on R410a and by 10% for those running on lower GWP gases.

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Air-cooled condenser

Kaltra extends its range of air-cooled condensers with Bora XL

Model Bora XL air-cooled condensers, designed for outdoor applications, provide an efficient and practical solution to the selection of condensing equipment. These condensers feature an innovative design aiming to increase the performance and energy efficiency to meet today’s industrial and commercial refrigeration’s stringent needs.

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Variable-speed chillers

Kaltra brings variable-speed compressors to Easystream II chillers

This month Kaltra has upgraded its Easystream II water chillers with the addition of new models running on inverter-driven scroll compressors. The new models, Easystream II Inverter, deliver up to 10% better COP and up to a 5% increase in ESEER within the same footprint and weight.

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Lightstream Screw II air-cooled chiller

Kaltra set to launch next-generation screw chillers

Kaltra has overhauled its screw-compressor chillers to deliver higher operational efficiency with the new Lightstream Screw II range. Improvements include the latest screw compressors by Bitzer with smooth capacity regulation, redesigned refrigeration circuit, and evaporators.

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Bora XL series dry cooler

Saving energy and water with redefined dry coolers

With water and energy becoming very precious resources, dry coolers provide a water-saving alternative to open-circuit cooling towers. With its new dry cooler optimized to deliver long-term savings in water, energy, and maintenance time, Kaltra shows the massive potential offered by its technology.

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High-lift Turbocor chiller

New Lightstream Turbo II subrange benefit high-lift applications

With the continuously rising demand for cooling in hot climate regions, low-temperature process applications, and heat recovery solutions, Kaltra had busied developing chillers for high temperature lift applications. Efforts were made towards the design of Turbocor-based air-cooled chillers as the most energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solution.

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Free cooling chiller

Kaltra updated chillers to comply with ErP 2021

This week Kaltra completed the modernization for all its chiller families for compliance with Tier-2 Ecodesign Directive requirements that have come into force from January 2021.

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R32 scroll chiller

Lower-GWP alternatives to refrigerant R410a for air-cooled chillers

Customers are increasingly moving towards air conditioning and refrigeration equipment running on lower-GWP alternatives than currently widely used refrigerant R410a.

The current restrictions, such as Europe’s F-Gas regulations, have started the phase-down of HFCs, including R410a, to slow global warming and reduce direct carbon emissions. With the start of HFCs phase-down, prices and availability of these refrigerants were significantly affected and led to a growing demand for lower-GWP alternatives.

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Air-source heat pump

Microchannel coils for air-source heat pumps

Microchannel heat exchangers have seen increased application in air-to-water heat pumps due to offering significant charge reduction, compactness, lower air pressure drop, and consequentially, lower fan power consumption compared to traditional round tube-plate fin coils.

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Precision air conditioner

Refrigerant economizer option available for Lambda DX CRAC units

Kaltra is set to launch its Lambda DX precision air conditioning system employing pumped refrigerant economizer. Lambda DX combines direct expansion operation during warmer ambient temperatures and refrigerant economizer mode during cooler temperatures, resulting in a reduction in annual power consumption for the system.

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