Microchannel heat exchanger manufacturing plant

Kaltra chases market growth, strengthens regional presence in France and Italy

Facing rapidly growing interest and sales in the region, Kaltra expands its regional support for microchannel heat exchangers in France and Italy. Services in the area primarily focused on OEM customers and include engineering support, warehousing, and aftersales.

For the regions, Kaltra offers its complete suite of heat transfer products and engineering services. Commenting on the expansion, Paul Larson, Business Development Officer at Kaltra, said: “Refrigeration and air conditioning sector in France and Italy is poised for further growth and definitely possess huge potential for adoption of new HVAC technologies and solution, translated into a demand for microchannel technology, which Kaltra brings to the table.”

Kaltra currently has a number of major, long-term projects underway, resulted from broad collaboration with large French and Italian HVAC equipment manufacturers who now rely on Kaltra microchannel heat transfer solutions for their equipment.

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Headquartered in Germany and Austria, Kaltra designs, develops, and manufactures air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and systems. The company offers air-cooled, water-cooled, and free cooling chillersprecision air conditionersIT cooling systems, including room-, rack- and row-based solutions, and energy management solutions. It also designs and manufactures air-cooled condensersdry coolers, and cooling units for special applications. Additionally, Kaltra offers microchannel heat exchangers for condenser, evaporator, and water cooling and heating applications, as well as aluminium coils for small cooling applications. All Kaltra products are engineered with the clear objective of improving energy efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership.

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