Serpentine coil

Serpentine coils for compact cooling systems

Compact heat exchangers, especially those of serpentine design, are widely used for cooling in many industries, products and systems, from consumer products to IT cooling to military applications. In recent times, with the advances in microfluidics and progress in manufacturing, compact microchannel heat exchangers are becoming widespread. The principal idea behind using microchannel heat exchangers is their potential for enhanced heat transfer capabilities. The use of such heat exchangers enables the transfer of large amounts of heat while benefiting from high heat transfer coefficients.

Microchannel coils are compatible with almost all refrigerant types, including traditional HFC and HFO blends, natural refrigerants, and feature low internal volume – thus making it possible to use even flammable and toxic refrigerants.

To date, these and other significant advantages like low air- and refrigerant-side pressure resistances contributed to extensive use of microchannel heat exchangers by many manufacturers of compact cooling systems. As a leading microchannel technology powerhouse, Kaltra offers serpentine heat exchangers of various sizes and geometries for both condenser and evaporator applications. These compact models consist of single multiport tube bent in a serpentine and strips of fins, typically of louvered design.

Advanced aluminum alloys used in manufacturing enable the use of these heat exchangers in aggressive environments and harsh climate conditions. With the wide selection of connections and mounting options, serpentine coils can be easily adapted for a variety of cooling unit designs, sizes, and configurations.



Face area

Up to 500cm²

Up to 1500cm²




Multi-port tube width

12 to 36mm

12 to 36mm

Pressure ratings

Up to 30 bar

By request


Aluminium or copper

>Aluminium or copper

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