Canary Wharf chilled water plant

Kaltra completes the chilled water production project in Canary Wharf

It is well-known that the cooling equipment dominates in energy consumption in commercial buildings. Alongside, electricity prices are increasing around the world, increasing pressure on facility managers to reduce the operating costs incurred by operating chillers. The facility managers at a newly constructed commercial building in Canary Wharf, London, were tasked to build and deploy a central air conditioning system with improved energy efficiency and lifecycle value, and Kaltra was invited to contribute to this task.

Based on the survey and analysis undertaken jointly with the customer’s technicians, we were able to specify the equipment and controls necessary to build an energy efficient HVAC system.

Some of the major features our Lightstream air-cooled chillers offered were: Turbocor compressors – with variable capacity control, flooded evaporator, condenser banks with pre-coated aluminium heat exchangers, and advanced controls, including energy management algorithms. Four chillers with a total refrigeration capacity of 5400kW charged with refrigerant R1234ze were installed and configured to operate under the control of sequence management system, and integrated into the customer’s BMS, allowing accurate adjustment of the chillers to manage supply water temperature and other critical parameters.

During the design stage, we evaluated the performance of the offered solution by applying it to BMS data obtained from previously completed projects with multiple chillers and showed that the designed system with chiller sequence management could save over 35% of energy consumption compared to the currently running chillers in the buildings.

The project has now reached its concluding phase, and the chilled water plant operates in a pilot stage.

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