Dry cooler

Kaltra supplied high-performance dry coolers to FME hospital in Mulhouse

The infrastructure of the newly inaugurated hospital in Mulhouse includes central air conditioning system which provides the cooling and heating to the building, as required. The heat rejection of the system is performed by high-efficient dry coolers with a total capacity of 2000kW, installed outside. Given the limited installation space and tight noise rejection requirements, Kaltra offered a compact solution based on Mistral dry coolers with the bottom to top airflow. Year-round operation of the air conditioning system is supported by a glycol-based coolant.

Mistral series dry coolers are equipped with novel finned tube heat exchangers with internally grooved copper tubes and are ideal for the full spectrum of applications and requirements. Maintenance cost of Mistral dry coolers is kept to a minimum with its simple and robust construction and high-grade components used in its design.

Kaltra is an HVAC engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in Germany. We offer a wide range of innovative cooling products for industrial, commercial, and mission-critical applications, such as data centers, clean rooms, contaminant-free areas, processing plants, and other facilities where the reliability and energy efficiency are key factors. Kaltra’s cooling equipment range includes precision cooling systems, air-cooled, free cooling and water-cooled chillers, evaporative cooling solutionsdry coolers, and condensers.

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