Evaporative fluid cooler

New fluid coolers to be available in Q4 2016

Jumbo Cooler fluid coolers are intended for cooling process water in industrial, commercial, and free cooling applications, and features the benefits of evaporative cooling with water recirculation, thus minimizing energy and water consumption and offer increasing free cooling hours.

Jumbo Cooler units are equipped with evaporative pads wetted via the water distribution system to pre-cool the air before passing through the heat exchanger coils. This increases the amount of heat the air can extract from the coil and, in turn, increases the cooling capacity of the unit.

Evaporative pads are made from cellulose impregnated with resins and biocide and antibacterial agents to prevent bacterial growth. Cross fluted, unequal angle pad design promotes the highly turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum performance. This unique design also functions to continually direct more water to the air entering the surface of the pad, where the most intense evaporation occurs.

Customers of Jumbo Cooler also benefit from efficient and quiet large-diameter EC fans and reduced unit maintenance costs.

We made available several connectivity options, including Modbus, Echelon, Bacnet, and KNX, that allow the customers to monitor and manage their cooling facility to suit their requirements. Large-diameter EC fans and highly efficient heat exchangers provide cooling capacities up to 2.4MW on the small footprint and allow customers to save valuable facility space.

Jumbo Cooler unit is ideal for most mission-critical applications in terms of energy efficiency and reliability, whether operating in hot and humid climate zones or high pollution or seashore areas.

Jumbo Cooler will be available for orders in October 2016.

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