Microchannel evaporator

Advanced microchannel technology for HVAC and process cooling

The HVAC and process industries are making a transition to microchannel heat exchangers. This is evidenced by the extensive use of microchannel condensers by major HVAC manufacturers and many smaller OEMs manufacturing cooling and refrigeration equipment. Significant energy efficiency improvements drive the trend, the need for smaller equipment footprints and weight, conversion to lower GWP refrigerants, and the ongoing rise in the cost of copper.
However, most microchannel coil designs were predominantly suited for automotive industry requirements, while HVAC coil design objectives and operating issues are significantly different and more diverse, especially for evaporator applications, where the supplied refrigerant is usually in a two-phase state.

Kaltra offers microchannel heat exchangers that specially designed for HVAC and industrial process industries and focuses on demanding HVAC design conditions, offering application flexibility and long operating life.

Kaltra’s microchannel condensers and evaporators outperform traditional finned tube heat exchangers in every aspect:

  • Lower raw material cost (aluminum vs. copper)
  • Highly automated, reliable manufacturing process
  • Higher thermal conductivity (integral brazing vs. mechanical fastening, larger heat transfer surface, higher louvered fin thermal performance)
  • Potential for compact and lightweight design
  • Lower refrigerant charge
  • Perfect corrosion resistance
  • Lower airside pressure resistance
  • Easy recyclability

Kaltra offers the most innovative and advanced HVAC coils in the industry. Refrigeration condenser, evaporator, and heat pump designs are optimized for a wide variety of refrigerants. Depending upon application objectives, we offer increased capacity, optimized energy efficiency, compact size, and low weight for our microchannel coils.

Kaltra is a world-known provider of cooling technologies and advanced cooling products for mission-critical applications, such as data centers, clean rooms, contaminant-free areas, processing plants, and other facilities where reliability and energy efficiency are key factors. Kaltra’s cooling equipment range includes precision cooling systems, air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, evaporative cooling solutionsdry coolers, and condensers.

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