Air-cooled chiller

V-shaped microchannel coils for chiller applications

The efficiency of air-cooled chiller is dictated by the condensing temperature, which may be decreased with increasing heat transfer performance of the condensing coil. Microchannel heat exchangers have become popular in chiller applications due to better thermo-hydraulic characteristics in comparison to conventional finned tube heat exchanger designs. The most straightforward way to improve heat exchanger performance is to increase its face area by combining two microchannel coils in V form.

Field tests showed that the V-shaped microchannel heat exchangers used in Kaltra’s new ranges of air-cooled chillers increase the capacity of condensers by 20% with the same footprint. At the same capacity, the new heat exchanger results in around a 2K drop in the condensing temperature, thereby increasing the chiller efficiency by more than 5%. Thin microchannel coil design also translates into significantly lower airside pressure drops, resulting in about a 10-percent reduction in fan power consumption.

For OEMs and end-customers, Kaltra offers highly efficient condenser banks, customized per application and suitable for use in air-cooled chiller and condenser applications.

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