Evaporative air handler

Evapair: new generation evaporative air handler

Evaporative cooling takes advantage of using water for humidification of warm and dry air and leads to significant energy savings in data center applications.

The major downsides of evaporative cooling systems are that they consume water, which raises the issue of legionella, and the fact that they require a lot of space, as they are mostly large units. We overcome these challenges with the Evapair solution: for the cooling capacity of 100kW, Evapair requires only 180 cubic meters of water per annum – less than a household water consumption.

Evapair features automatic cleaning, which protects against bacterial growth and keeps the system operating at peak performance. Evapair air handler equipped with high-efficient air-to-air heat exchangers suitable for water spray applications. The special alloy used for heat exchanger elements features excellent corrosion resistance due to the low content of impurities in the raw material.

Evapair is a modular system that allows space-saving side-to-side installation; its flexible design will enable the system to grow in line with customers’ cooling requirements.

Desiccant Dehumidification

Modern indirect evaporative cooling systems provide extraordinary efficiency but are limited by the air moisture content, and their use is thus limited to dry climates. When humidity rises, the evaporative cooling system performance degrades. Applying desiccant-based dehumidification to evaporative coolers allows the system to operate efficiently, even under humid conditions.

Air dehumidification in the Evapair system is achieved by sorption water vapor from the air by a solid desiccant (silica gel). The silica gel absorbs moisture, and water molecules adhere to the surface of the silica gel. As the rotor turns, the desiccant passes alternately through one air stream – where the moisture is adsorbed – and then through another air stream, where the hot air regenerates the desiccant.

Field tests show no bacteria formation on the rotor. In case the rotor is used in applications with contaminated air, it can be washed.

The users of Evapair evaporative air handler with a dehumidification system developed by Kaltra can benefit from its ability to operate efficiently in high-humidity, high-temperature applications.

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