LPG recovery plant cooling

Lightstream Scroll chillers for LPG recovery process

With its installation experience and technical expertise, Kaltra was chosen by the customer to assist in the development of the new chilled water production plant for the LPG recovery facility at the GP2Z industrial zone, Algeria.

Associated gas often cannot be used at remote wellheads, and the whole stream has to be flared – wasting a valuable resource and contaminating the environment. Recovering LPG from these flare gases saves valuable hydrocarbons and enables them to be used locally. The LPG recovery process requires cooling by chilled water at 15°C.

Kaltra engineers chose equipment for the chilled water plant, which conforms to strict requirements regarding efficient operation under high ambient conditions (of up to 50°C) at the seashore. The proposed Lightstream Scroll chillers equipped with corrosion-resistant, e-coated microchannel condensing coils and configured for 2N redundancy ideally met both site conditions and user requirements.

The original equipment, which was approaching end-of-life, was dismantled from the site and replaced with two identical cooling systems, each consisting of four Lighstream chillers with high-ambient kits and integrated pumping with the overall cooling capacity of 2400kW. Prior to installation, the system has been tested at Kaltra facility under +55°C ambient temperature to ensure safe field operation. During the commissioning phase, Kaltra engineers simulated various emergency alerts to ensure reliable plant operation under failure conditions.

Kaltra also installed an advanced software package to integrate the new chillers within the existing plant equipment and automation system. The customer is fully satisfied with the performance of the chillers and is planning on expanding its chilled water facility with additional Kaltra chillers in the coming months.

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