Serpentine Heat Exchangers


    Heat transfer solution for compact devices and portable applications

    Microchannel heat exchanger


Serpentine heat exchangers are the most compact and minimal in volume microchannel coils – without manifolds in their design. This arrangement enables serpentine coils for small, space-saving, and lightweight cooling applications. Being robust by design and manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloys, these heat exchangers assure long operating life even under extreme conditions.

Serpentine microchannel coil


Serpentine heat exchanger typically consists of a single microchannel tube bent into a serpentine shape, fins, and connection pipes. All components are integrally brazed together in controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) furnace:

  1. Microchannel tube bent into a serpentine shape
  2. Fin strips
  3. Inlet/outlet connections

Features and Advantages

For 3kW of heat rejection or cooling, serpentine heat exchangers are the smallest and most versatile heat exchangers in the industry for refrigerant condensers, evaporators in compressorized and pumped loop refrigerant systems, and can be configured as evaporators for non-condensing cooling applications. Serpentine coils are designed to deliver maximum heat transfer, reliability, and easy packaging.

  • Selection of aluminum alloys, including SLLA
  • Refrigerant compatibility: HFCs/HFOs, natural gases
  • Single- or multiple-circuit designs
  • Designs with multiple coil cores
  • Selection of flat our louvered fins
  • Connections made from copper or aluminum
  • Mountings made to order
  • Protective coatings


Serpentine heat exchangers are perfectly suitable for any compact cooling or heat rejection solution as a condenser or evaporator coils, be it stationary systems or systems in constant motion. Using serpentine microchannel heat exchangers, some thermodynamically efficient but flammable refrigerants can be extended to more applications – thanks to the small internal volume of the coil and less refrigerant charge.

  • Electronics cooling
  • Medical applications
  • Laser cooling
  • Military applications
  • Rack-mounted cooling systems
  • Portable cooling solutions
  • Beverage and ice-making applications
  • Fractional horsepower equipment


Max width [mm]

25 … 500

Max height [mm]

25 … 400

Tube width [mm]


Manifold diameter [mm]


Fin types


Fin pitches [FPI]

10/16/18/19/21/23/24/BY REQUEST

Design pressure [bar]




Protective coatings


Serpentine condenser

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Serpentine condensers - headerless, all-aluminum microchannel coils with the smallest internal volume available - are gaining momentum in retail cooling applications.
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Microchannel heat exchangers for refrigeration systems running on R32 and other flammable refrigerants

Transition to low-GWP refrigerants, many of which are flammable or toxic, is ongoing. Heat transfer with microchannel coils significantly extends the spectrum of cooling applications and the size of refrigeration systems.
Serpentine heat exchanger

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Serpentine coil

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Microchannel serpentine coils for condenser and evaporator use: low-charge, compatible with HFC/HFO and natural refrigerants, suitable for any applications
Serpentine coil

Serpentine heat exchangers for small cooling applications

Kaltra offers the latest heat transfer technology based on serpentine coils for small and portable cooling applications.